The Rising Popularity of Cricket Betting in Canada

Cartoon drawing of a man playing cricket Cartoon drawing of a man playing cricket

Another form of unlimited entertainment, aside from free online bingo games, is cricket! We'll cover the basics of the Global T20 Canada tournament, and look at some basic cricket betting tips.

Canada has Caught the Cricket Fever with the Global T20 Canada Tournament

Cricket is not only popular in India! Introduced into Canada by British soldiers in the late 1700’s, cricket has since been rising the ranks of popularity, as well as cricket betting, in the nation ubiquitous for Ice Hockey. Twenty20 (T20), the shortened game format of 20-overs, has been successful in helping to spread cricket, and cricket online betting, around the world.

The T20 league Canada was first inaugurated in 2018, with the next tournament held the following year. The six-team tournament saw over 100 players registered for the 2019 edition. The third season of the tournament in 2020 was postponed to 2021. However, the tournament was ultimately cancelled again due to complications arising from Covid-19. So, you can understand how eager all the T20 Canada fans are waiting to watch and bet on cricket for the next tournament!

The Past Winners to Potentially Back and to Bet on Cricket

Coming into the third edition scheduled for 2022, it gives cricket fans plenty of time to analyse players and the teams for some successful cricket betting. The Surrey Jaguars will replace the Edmonton Royals for the next upcoming tournament.

The top two teams to take note of while cricket betting online are the Vancouver Knights and the Winnipeg Hawks, both claiming a win in the 2018 and 2019 Global T20 Canada tournaments respectfully. The Winnipeg Hawks won over the Vancouver Knights in the super over, going on to win by five runs. Rayad Emrit, playing for the Winnipeg Hawks, picked up nine wickets and is one to watch out for!

How to Be Successful When Online Cricket Betting

If you are an interested reader or beginning to turn your interest to cricket betting or cricket satta line, there is another way to get your heart racing and put your skills to the ultimate test. Cricket betting isn’t solely for the die-hard and know-it-all fans. There is a whole host of cricket betting wagers you can place on a match - and could potentially help you enjoy it more. Have a look at some common ways you can bet on cricket below.

  • Match betting: A simple one to get into cricket betting - will the home or away team win, or will the match end in a draw?
  • Completed match: Will the game be finished that day or not?
  • Innings run: Another favourite for cricket betting online - try to predict the number of runs that will be scored in the first innings of the match
  • Top Bowler/Batsman: Name specific players that you believe will take the most wickets / score the most goals. Can be for during a match or a series.
  • Odd/Even Runs: Will a team’s runs for a match be an even or an odd number?
  • Method of dismissal: A staple for cricket betting - how do you think the next wicket will fall?

Keeping It Simple with the Best Cricket Betting Tips

There are many online cricket betting tips floating around the internet promising success and winning you cricket bets every time. We don’t promise anything life-changing, however we do know these online cricket betting tips will help you develop your knowledge and give you transferable skills no matter what match you are watching or where the match is taking place.

We’ll keep things simple with just four tips that you should keep in mind before starting cricket online betting.

  • Weather conditions: While it might come as a surprise to a few, the weather has a huge factor on any cricket match and can ultimately change the outcome of a cricket game. From a bit of drizzle to hot blazing sun, or even humid and cloudy skies can affect the play significantly, this is the one of the best online cricket betting tips. Keep an eye out for the weather forecast to take into consideration any changes which could affect play such as cracks in the bowling surface from strong sun which can be exploited by the spin bowlers.
  • Types of pitch: Broadly classified into three categories, expect to see green pitches, dusty pitches, and dead pitches. Components of a pitch balance silt, sand, and clay in different ratios to create the perfect pitch, all bespoke to variables such as the climate in each country. Learning the characteristics such as green pitches helping the ball to move or seam after pitches, compared to dead pitches where the ball doesn’t bounce or turn much, will help you bet on cricket.
  • Player stats: It’s always a good idea to check player stats before each match and placing your bet on cricket. You will be able to find everything from the handiness of a player to their average scores.
  • Player injuries: Tying in with player stats, it’s also good practise to check if any players have sustained injuries, will be substituted, or if they are in great health, before cricket online betting!
  • Wait for the coin toss: Cricket bookies online know many people are waiting till after the coin toss to place any bets over the winning team. Finding out who is batting or bowling first, and why, is crucial information to help you decide.

The Next Step – How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Apps with Ease

If you have decided to make the jump into cricket betting, it can feel quite daunting. With tonnes of cricket bookies online to choose from, it begs the question ‘how can you choose the best cricket bookies online?

To kick off your research it’s best to head to a cricket betting site that has reviewed the top cricket bookies online for you. On websites like that, you will be able to find all the best online cricket betting sites, cricket satta line, and more online cricket betting tips. This will give you that boost to help you become more successful in your cricket online betting or cricket satta line.

Get Closer to the Action with Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting gets your heart racing and brings you a little closer to the action. With every over, every run, and every boundary, live cricket betting allows you to place wagers on a game while it’s happening in real-time. It’s also possible to find live cricket satta line rates. Whether you want to predict how many boundaries are in an over or if in the next six balls there will be an odd number of runs, live cricket betting certainly delivers on excitement!